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Do time management apps help or hurt our productivity?

Modern day society values the qualities of a well-rounded person.

Universities and jobs are constantly looking for someone who did well in school, excelled in athletics, participated in an internship, and is an active volunteer. How does one balance all of these expectations? Is it even possible? It’s no wonder that society is constantly struggling to manage time and stay happy.

Time management apps have recently become very popular. However, there are over a thousand of these free apps that promise to help its users relieve anxiety and be more productive. This is when we face some tough questions, such as, how do we find the right app and how many of these apps are enough? Do they become more of a distraction or an excuse to use our phones? The apps range from daily planners to time management apps specifically for adults with ADHD to health apps that manage the amount of water you drink a day.

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Does one ever truly heal?

Some say that they have healed and live better lives for it meanwhile some are perplexed as to how they ever could heal. But what does healing really mean and how much time does one actually want to dedicate to it?

Augusten Burroughs, who has written countless memoirs of his very traumatic childhood, believes that heal is a “TV word,” and that while sounding pretty and ideal, that it is in fact forced and plastic.  The definition of healing is to get better, not to be cured and despite common belief, even to be cured does not imply to be rid of, rather, it implies to be relieved o the symptoms of a disease or condition. It seems as though people have adopted an overly idealistic perspective of what being emotionally healed really means and some will travel far and wide to attain it.

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