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SoulDoctors Launches Affordable ZocDoc Alternative

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SoulDoctors was inspired by the darkest time in my life. There were various issues that plagued my existence, all of which did not pair well with a 26 year old undiagnosed mental illness. When I realized what my life had become, I knew that my issues required the help of someone other than myself. At the time, I was still blessed with my father’s insurance, so getting quality mental and medical care wasn’t an issue. I just had to carry myself to the doctor’s office first. I forgot exactly how I stumbled upon ZocDoc, nor did I realize how my personal crisis would inspire me to build an affordable ZocDoc alternative, but if it were not for that website, I don’t know if I would have received the high-quality medical care that I had.

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Information Overload: Overexposure to the News Can Hurt Your Mental Health

Welcome to the information age, where answers to your questions are a click away and borderline instantaneous. Technology has brought civilization to a plane of unprecedented knowledge, leaving scholars wondering about the multidimensional ways in which it continues to impact humanity. As people communicate with one another at the speed of light, one trend you yourself may observe is a sense of information overload.

If you’re reading this, then it’s a safe bet that you’re active on some form of social media, and if you’re on social media, it’s not a stretch to assume that your news feed is perpetually updated with breaking stories and comment threads featuring people at each others’ throats.

Never forget the old saying, “If it bleeds, it leads.” This mantra has offered direction for dominating news outlets in their quest for views and ratings across time, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Skewing public perception towards the most tantalizing headlines, it may seem that trending topics are nothing more than a relentless string of bad news. You’re apt to see an overabundance of horrors plaguing the world before long. There’s no doubt that tragedies occur on-the-regular, but it is important not to forget that so does beneficence.

The good news is the human race has never been as interconnected as it is now. The bad news is the human race has never been as interconnected as it is now.

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Do time management apps help or hurt our productivity?

Modern day society values the qualities of a well-rounded person.

Universities and jobs are constantly looking for someone who did well in school, excelled in athletics, participated in an internship, and is an active volunteer. How does one balance all of these expectations? Is it even possible? It’s no wonder that society is constantly struggling to manage time and stay happy.

Time management apps have recently become very popular. However, there are over a thousand of these free apps that promise to help its users relieve anxiety and be more productive. This is when we face some tough questions, such as, how do we find the right app and how many of these apps are enough? Do they become more of a distraction or an excuse to use our phones? The apps range from daily planners to time management apps specifically for adults with ADHD to health apps that manage the amount of water you drink a day.

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We Should Start Taking Virtual Reality Seriously

The thing that makes virtual reality (VR) so interesting isn’t the technology — it’s the capability for longevity that it possesses.


We’ve all seen technological advancements that were groundbreaking in the moment, but didn’t really become a commodity in everyone’s lives (remember the 3D TV?) When something new in technology becomes a useful and accessible commodity, it’s made a significant impact on our lives. VR is hot and new right now, and it’s planning to stay for a while. The implications of VR are countless and important.
Just take a look at how it’s been put to use already:
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