Chloe Meshel-Wood

chloe-500pxContributing Writer l Santa Cruz, CA

Chloe was born on the west coast in Los Angeles, California. When she was younger she was involved in competitive gymnastics. Not only was she constantly in awe of what her body could accomplish but it taught her what it meant to be both disciplined and passionate. Treating and training her body well has always been used as a form of healing. Camping and nature are also things she adores, and Costa Rica is her favorite place on the globe.

Chloe was very introverted until her junior year of high school. That was when she gave up gymnastics and joined cheerleading. As much as she loved gymnastics, and as thankful as she is for her experience as a gymnast, cheer was different, in that it really encouraged her to open up. She had a good childhood and has a family that is extremely loving and supportive. When she was younger she wanted to be a marine biologist. Our planet is so miraculous and we are so technologically advanced, she feels that people need to realize how important it is to respect our earth and its animals.

Throughout her life she went to therapy multiple times and knows firsthand how much insight it can provide. She wants to become a therapist in order to understand why people act in certain ways, and she hopes her knowledge will aid people to be their happiest. She is currently studying psychology at the University of California Santa Cruz. Navigating the world with a calm demeanor, she tries to the good in people. People who are successful, have love and are happy are what inspire her most.

“We are here to form relationships. The meaning of life to me is to form bonds and to understand each other. To Love! It sounds cliche but really, why else do we live? Relationships give us meaning and motivation.”