Claudia Berger

Contributing Writer I Pittsburg, PA

Claudia was born in Chicago but raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. She currently attends college at the University of Pittsburgh studying both Psychology and English Writing. Claudia was the only child in a mixed-race home. She recalls being exposed to racism at a fairly young age, but can’t recall being offended from her exposure to it; if anything, it opened her mind early on to respect people from all walks of life. Being present for Super-Storm Sandy in 2012, she often recalls a good memory where the hurricane was only beginning to hit and spending time with her family without electricity felt like an impromptu vacation.

Before finding Soul Doctors, Claudia grew up wanting to be a professional soccer player in the hopes of impressing her father, a passionate fan. During her teenage years, she was the definition of a “shy-girl,” but now, Claudia finds herself far less reserved, often being the one to get in trouble for speaking her mind too often.

“I see myself as a social butterfly that won’t shut up.”

Claudia’s interest in Psychology originated from her onset of Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy, a pain disorder which struck her during freshman year of high school. Being forced to seek help from many hospitals and specialists, she was exposed to people of many different creeds and colors.

“I have always felt more comfortable sitting back like a fly on the wall and analyzing the different personalities and expressions of those around me.”

Nothing makes Claudia more inspired and motivated to achieve her goals than when she is told she can’t do something. Her altruism is apparent in her efforts to contribute to other’s potential and ambition. She prides herself on being the giver of constructive criticism. Going forward, she wishes to follow in the footsteps of her role models, both of her parents, by not only being admirably successful in both her career and raising of a family, but also as a genuine soul.

“I think the world we live in now is flawed, as humans are. This is not to say we are doomed or anything like that, but I do believe people are too caught up in what other people are doing in this day and age, perhaps by the spike in social media. News is vital to global well-being, but I don’t care to know what someone had for breakfast because they thought Facebook “just had to know.”