Jane Peck

Contributing Writer l Brooklyn, NY

Inspired by her parents who came to America with nothing, as a first generation American Jane sought to find her place in the world. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, where she now studies Psychology at CUNY Brooklyn College. She plans to obtain a Master’s degree and looks forward to her career as a clinical psychologist. Jane admits that there is no one thing that inspires her. She appreciates anything that allows her to peek into the lives of others. When she was younger Jane wanted to be something different every day, “one day a waitress, another a doctor and sometimes even a movie star.” When she realized that entertainment was not a world she was meant for, she shifted her aim towards doing something that would help others. This was when her passion for psychology began to flourish. When she is not wildly contemplating our human existence she paints, goes to the beach to watch the sunset or binge watches her favorite TV shows on Netflix.

“I’d love to know more about what truly makes us, us and how to have more people living in happiness rather than depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. We all have only one life to live and I believes humans should live it happily as much as they can.”