Kevin Kwon

kevin-400wContributing Writer l Merced, CA

Witnessing the complex dynamic of human interaction at a young age, Kevin found himself intrigued with why people did the things they did. A desire arose within him to understand what he witnessed around him, at home, in school and in between. Kevin Kwon was born in sunny Los Angeles, California. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. As a child being a writer was something he often dreamt of. He enjoyed books and often wondered if he could write one. When asked if he had a role model he admitted that no one came to mind. Instead he expressed that he is most inspired by those who display altruistic behavior, especially in times of crisis. “I hear stories of natural disasters or acts of terrorism and the people who band together and help those who need it, even when they don’t have to, and I think that just shows the better side of humanity. I love hearing about those stories of people acting for the good of others.” In a group of people he is the one that tends to keep to himself; The wallflower that absorbs and learns from all that surrounds him, perhaps reflecting on what to write next.

“I think the world is a complicated place, of differing and conflicting philosophies and personalities that mesh together into a melting pot of chaotic interaction. Human existence struggles to make something of itself in a universe that seems to dwarf its significance, limited on one tiny planet. People want to achieve something with the limited time they have. Human existence is so temporary but there is probably more meaning in a temporary existence that becomes an influence to others than a long life that has not been significant or eventful in any way.”