Magdalena Bania

magda-400pxContributing Writer l New Brunswick, NJ

Magda was raised in a small city in Poland until the age of six, until one day her parents decided to chase the American Dream. They settled in a sleepy beach town in NJ and have lived there ever since. She studies English and Psychology at the School of Arts at Rutgers University. Finding fascination in the intricacy of the human mind, she felt directed to study what makes people tic.

Growing up, she enjoyed spending time with her grandmother, her aunts and her mother in her grandmother’s kitchen. Her favorite place in the world is being anywhere near her family. She would sit in a chair by the window and observe as the women in her family told stories, exchanged recipes and gave each other advice. Her great aunt’s red borscht remains her absolute favorite food. As a child, she decided to rub Vicks VapoRub on her poor cat because she saw him sneeze. In her youth, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but her propensity to understand people grew exponentially.

What inspires her most are people, especially those who are resilient and who have overcome so much in their life. Reaching out to others is something she is not afraid to do. Checking in with friends or acquaintances is a good method for her to remind others that they’re on her mind and that they’re relevant. Magda is a huge advocate of paying it forward. She believes that more interaction among others, through random acts of kindness, is a great way to allow people to connect and feel connected. She lives by the philosophy that simple gestures can really make a significant difference in the environment around you.

She is an avid LOTR and Game of Thrones fan, but also stays on top of the latest fashion trends in Hollywood. She is all about balance and enjoying our quirks. A good cup of tea soothes her soul, and it’s even better when it’s paired with a pile of blankets and her Kindle.

“I think people are the most interesting thing on the planet.”