Taylor Devarie

Contributing Writer l San Francisco, CA

Taylor was born in Palmdale, CA. She grew up traveling between Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley as a child when her parents divorced. She graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BA in English Language and Letters. Among a group of people Taylor tries to view the forest and the trees. She finds inspiration in those who think progressively and in an egalitarian manner. Some of her favorite memories are when she’d play with her dogs in the expansive deserts of Palmdale behind her father’s home. She likes to garden and finds it relaxing.Nature always inspires me when language and music don’t.” One of her favorite fields of study is chemistry. She has recently taken a deeper interest in the fields of biology and chemistry in relation to medicine. Understanding the potential benefits and detriments of medication (especially in regard to gastrointestinal diseases) intrigues her. You can find out more about Taylor on her website Intricate Purpose.

“I try to view things from an optimistic perspective, taking care to give constructive criticism where it seems useful. I strive to keep a consistently moderate viewpoint, but some situations call for dramatic responses. Psychology is defined by Google as “the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.” I’m interested in the ways we can change our behavior to be more useful to our lives collectively—which takes a HUGE amount of observation and analysis, considering the trillions of changes and decisions made on this Earth by the billions of people inhabiting it.”