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Evansville public housing in for a treat as private developers come to the rescue

Evansville, Indiana is home to a diverse range of citizens.

Business owners, young married couples and families inhabit this unique city. Evansville is known to be a large trade area for Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. The city has many charms; from the beautiful parks overlooking the Ohio River and a unique Main Street downtown that takes on the shape of a winding snake. However, change is occurring in Evansville. Two downtown buildings will be renovated for public housing, thanks to a generous private investment company taking interest and made possible by an Obama administration policy. Three additional properties will also be renovated due to this new initiative.

Evans public housing with the help of Flaherty & Collins Properties decided to reinvest into their properties over the next 18 months to create more suitable accommodations and to integrate with the existing Evansville communities. Evansville will have a total of eight locations for public housing, and will affect over 500 people thanks to the many upgrades some buildings will receive.
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Where Craig Dodson found his inspiration

Have you ever felt like you needed to do something more in life?

Craig Dodson, a semi-professional cyclist decided that biking for himself just wasn’t cutting it. In 2005 Dodson was asked to give a speech to a group of teenagers in Richmond, Virginia. He realized that his motivational words about trying your best and staying away from drugs were completely useless to the kids in this neighborhood. He realized that if his speech affected these students at all, it was probably not in a positive way. In comparison, he was a privileged white man, and these children were trapped in Richmond public housing, known to be one of the most challenged and limiting community projects in Virginia. It was from that moment that an epiphany was sparked. He knew he needed to do something to help these kids succeed, something beyond talking about it.

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