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How to find empowerment by saying “no”

As humans, we are capable of forming countless relationships.

Whether that relationship be friendship, familial or romantic, it is constantly up to us as individuals to make sure that we are being treated the way we desire to be. If seeing too much of your friend made you sick to your stomach, but you couldn’t control how often you saw them, how would you handle that situation? If you felt guilty not seeing your partner every single time you thought of them,  but seeing them induced just as much guilt, what would you do? In these unhealthy personal relationships, you might just leave your friend or your partner in search of more suitable companions.

Now, what if you were literally unable to live without these people, if not being with them for prolonged periods of time induced light-headedness, fatigue, and the shrinking of your vital organs?

Welcome to an unhealthy relationship with food.

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Research finds that people with anorexia have distortions in spatial perception

Eating disorders are misunderstood.

They aren’t an intense diet or plan and they can take over a person’s life, mentally and physically. NAMI ( the National Alliance on Mental Illness) reports that around 1 in 20 people will be affected by an ED at some point in their lives.

Anorexia (AN) is a common eating disorder and it’s a condition where a person will literally starve themselves and over-exercise to lose weight. Because their goal is to get and stay thin by any means necessary. it’s a condition that is very extreme and incredibly motivated. Though not classified as an ED, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a condition in which where a person will obsess over their physical appearance to a point of dysfunctionality.

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