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How to find empowerment by saying “no”

As humans, we are capable of forming countless relationships.

Whether that relationship be friendship, familial or romantic, it is constantly up to us as individuals to make sure that we are being treated the way we desire to be. If seeing too much of your friend made you sick to your stomach, but you couldn’t control how often you saw them, how would you handle that situation? If you felt guilty not seeing your partner every single time you thought of them,  but seeing them induced just as much guilt, what would you do? In these unhealthy personal relationships, you might just leave your friend or your partner in search of more suitable companions.

Now, what if you were literally unable to live without these people, if not being with them for prolonged periods of time induced light-headedness, fatigue, and the shrinking of your vital organs?

Welcome to an unhealthy relationship with food.

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Mushrooms can do more than just please your palette

“Imagine an organism that feeds you, heals you, reveals secrets of the universe, and could help save the planet…today. Now imagine that it’s in the ground beneath your feet.”

Human use of fungi usually goes as far as selecting edibles (like the Oyster mushrooms pictured above). And if we can’t eat ’em, they’re as useful as the dead wood they grow from, right?

But the disappearance of fungi would end life as we know it.

Did you know that all plants are part fungi? Plants cannot even exist without fungi. So you have fungi to thank for that apple you just ate. While fungi are most commonly known for fighting infections (penicillin) and making bread & beer possible (yeast), new discoveries are being made that show fungi are the networks by which plants communicate.

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Ketosis: The fascinating & simple diet that can help you lose weight, reduce appetite, combat seizures, improve memory and so much more

While we often worry about how what we eat affects our weight, what if how we eat could affect our brains? As wild of a statement as that may be, if it weren’t for ketosis, we wouldn’t have the developed brains that we do, nor would we have an array of knowledge that proves that not only is everything we know about dieting wrong, but wow, were we really wrong. While maintaining it’s guidelines requires an initial thorough analysis of one’s nutritional routine, it will keep your brain running when you have no glucose and it even alters the way you think. To put it simply, there is no diet better than Ketosis.

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