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Verbal abuse found to have similar psychological consequences as physical and sexual abuse

In any relationship, abuse of any kind is an immediate detriment that poisons the dynamic over time.

Of the many kinds of abuse that exist, verbal abuse is probably one of the most influential kinds, because every relationship depends on communication between both partners. If verbal abuse is a constant in the relationship, communication will breakdown all too easily, and neither side is able to properly express their feelings and be able to work together to overcome any emotional problems that arise for either person. Understanding verbal abuse is important not only because one should know how it can occur (even unintentionally), but because it causes an imbalance of power in the abuser’s favor, which can ruin a relationship.

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What you can learn from your toxic relationships & friendships (if you’re ever able to escape them)

People, they’re everywhere.

And dear God, we must (somehow) find a way to live with them.  Being a social species means finding variation through the people we share our human reality with, but it is not void of it’s challenges. Relationships can be enriching and enlightening and they can also make you wish you had never lived.

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