Tony Robbins on the Science of Achievement

Inside Quest: Tony Robbins on the Science of Achievement features Tom Bilyeu, one of the founders of the successful power-bar company, Quest Nutrition, and one of his biggest inspirations, Tony Robbins, the philanthropist billionaire and master strategist. Tony may have had humble beginnings, but during the interview he discusses the traits and foundations that can be not only the key to success, but also the basis for personal fulfillment in all that you do. His book, Money: Master the Game, offers self-help and a path to financial independence for his avid readers.

The interview between Tom Bilyeu and Tony Robbins is sure to strike a chord with viewers of all kinds.

Training himself with a rigorous background in psychology and business, Tony synthesized ideas to apply across vocations of any sort for the sake of improvement. His practice of modeling, designed to optimize training, performance, and existential fulfillment of one’s target goals and needs, is so important in this day and age to make for a healthier society.

Ask yourself, do you find your job fulfilling? Are you being all that you can be there? Tony Robbins invites you to realize the essential dualist connection humans possess between their mind and body, and that a change in one (hopefully for the better) will manifest in the other as well. If you’re happy and/or proud with what you do, remember that you’re going to get out what you put in. Consider working toward your passion to be an investment, and if you run with your positivity and keep at whatever it is you’re striving for, rest assured you’ll experience the benefits not only in the moment but also in due time.

If you had all the money your heart desired, what kind of person would you be?

Success shouldn’t be measured by dollars. In fact, Tony goes on to say that capital is more of an actuator, a tool that will magnify the type of person you are. Well-being and accomplishment is relative; the type of person you are and what you’re chasing is what matters.

“Imagine all that one could do, if they didn’t fear the challenge of conquering themselves. Do you?”

Tony makes it a point to remind us of our biology and nature; as a species we are wired by evolution to be on the lookout for what’s wrong. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t train ourselves to think and do otherwise. I know I can get a little neurotic and sometimes even I am a victim to worry. These overwhelming and self-deprecating emotions are usually stirred when it comes to the future or what I’m doing with my life and I believe this may have squandered moments I could have had a much deeper appreciation for.

It’s easy to blame this on account of anxiety and the inhibition of ambition. However, in recent years I’ve acknowledged many of these life-coaching concepts which Tony markets, and try each and every day to make decisions which will lead to my own betterment.

One example that comes to mind is my motivation and pursuit for a higher standard of fitness. Exercise can have remarkable effects on both mental and physical health. Sure, it’s not the stepping stone for financial freedom, but pushing oneself to overcome the limitations of their body can have astounding repercussions; It promotes self-esteem and notions of competence in ways some fail to pay mind to.

Tony insists viewers to “figure out how your worst day was your best day,” so that you may find your primary driver.

This rang a bell; one I hear all too often (literally). At UFC Gym, one of their mottos routinely plays over the speakers: “If you’re not training to be the best in the world, you’re training to be the best in the world on your worst day.”

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