Where do you see yourself at your happiest?

When we think of happiness, everyone’s definition is different.

For some happiness is simple. It could even come down to a single word like: Money, love, travel, more. While there are things we all may want, that we currently do not have, are these things required to be happy now? Are there not things that we could be happy with, in this very moment? “Sure, sure,” some of you may think. “Another self-proclaimed guru here to tell me how I could be happy ‘now’ and don’t need to strive for much more.” But boy, are you wrong. I am all for striving. I am all for doing better, being better and wanting more for yourself. I think we’re all worthy of an evolved life, and of a life of constant evolution. But this happiness thing can be quite the dilemma. I know you may not be where you’d like to be. But what about where you are? I know you may feel it’s far from ideal but isn’t it something?

Often times when we think of success, we think about where we’d like to be, not where we are. But oftentimes, what we also fail to realize is that where we are is more than relevant. Like the businessman in that picture. He looks pretty happy. But who is he? Where is he? Is he waiting for someone? Or just passing the time? Is he an established individual, or an individual trying to get established? Happiness is something we crave so desperately, especially when we see it from afar. In other people and in various scenarios. I know you might not be happy with your bank account. I know your job really might suck. But what are you going to do about it now?

Think about what you have right now. (Being happy knowing you have both arms and legs is a good start. Or if you don’t, think of something you do still have! Like your heart, or your mind.) Think about where you are right now. It may not be perfect, it may not be preferred, but it’s something. That something is a starting point. So get grateful and take a deep breath. Be glad for your life, you’ve made this far. (And trust me, that alone is a major success, not everyone has made it.) Think about where you see yourself at your happiest but don’t beat yourself up for not being there. Instead, think about doing what you can now, to move along to get there. It’s okay to take baby steps, at first.

I have an incredible quote that I wrote on my dry erase board and I haven’t found anything I’d like to replace it with just yet. It’s so simple but so very profound. I don’t ever want to forget it: “Do what you can with what you have where you are.” Meditate on that for a little while. Even if you’re not the type that likes to meditate. (I don’t meditate either, shhhhh.)

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