Rajat Rao

rajat-450pxContributing Writer l Orangeburg, NY

Rajat Rao hails originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He bounced around from apartment to apartment growing up, but settled down in his family’s first full home in Orangeburg, New York at the age of eight.  He still holds vivid memories of his upbringing, like playing hide-and-seek with his brother when they initially moved in, and not to mention the time he broke his wrist when jumping into a pile of leaves. His parents encouraged reading greatly, but in doing so created what he felt to be a repressive environment. In their eyes, a Gameboy amounted to an anathema. Nonetheless, this led him to be even more curious about technology, which merged during those high school years with an interest in soccer, leading Rajat to be a self-acclaimed nerdy-jock.

Growing up, Rajat wanted to be a brain surgeon. That ambition still hangs in the air as his college years were spent at Binghamton University, where he studied biology. His interest in graphic design and marketing is also rooted firmly in the gaming passions of his youth, and he hopes to contribute to the medium. Rajat seeks to give others genuine content that they find meaningful.  Rajat believes that “If people generally had more empathy, or at least acted a bit more human, everyday life could really be improved.”

In the downtime, though, Rajat finds relaxation in watching soccer, listening to hip-hop and indie music, and chowing down on some ramen noodles. When asked where his favorite place in the world is, he’s torn between both London and New York City. Both cities have positively impacted his growth, but his role models in life are Ronaldinho, a Brazilian soccer player, and of course his father. While the former taught him passion and that following one’s heart are the foundation of your ultimate identity, his father instilled in him the tenets of life and how to achieve honor and respect.

“I think the world is ripe for opportunity, and that each person has enough time within their lives to find something that they love.”