Jess Alexander

jess-400pxContributing Writer l Rochester, NY

Jess was born and raised in Stamford, New York, a small town in the middle of nowhere. School can be full of pressure and anxiety for many and this was certainly the case for Jess. Reading books, writing and listening to music were ways in which she would cope with the feelings of being an outsider. Overtime she came to discover how much she truly loved and was amazed by people. Being an outsider no longer made sense, her life was ready for a shift.

Having experienced her own personal struggles with anxiety and depression, she wanted the opportunity to share her experiences and help others. She started out at the University of Rochester as a Chemical Engineering major but discovered that she truly wanted to study Clinical and Social Psychology. She now attends the University of Rochester, which she describes as a huge, beautiful place full of diversity and opportunity. She is working towards obtaining her PhD in order to become a clinical psychologist. She believes that “anyone who has pulled through or is pulling through darkness is inspiring.” Jess’ most important role model is her second mother, a nurse who helped her realize that she had to and could get better when she was stuck in the depths of her depression and eating disorder.

In a group of people, she tends to be the peacekeeper. While she is always welcoming and kind, she is no stranger to conflict and is a peaceful but prepared warrior at heart. She finds it easiest to understand herself and others through songs. The power of music is extensive, and she makes space for it in her life every day. She believes that music is a big part of what has kept her alive. Her favorite place in the world is California.

“I believe the world is both good and evil, depending on what you do and how you look at it. Plenty of terrible things happen but so do many miracles. Our existence itself is a miracle.”