Sebastian Muriel

sebastian-400pxContributing Writer l New York, NY

Sebastian was born in a small suburb known as Corona, which his nestled between all the cool parts of Southern California. One of his most interesting memories as a child was when he would crash weddings and trespass swanky golf courses with his childhood best friend. One of his worst memories was when he crashed his bike (post-training wheels) into the side of a house and completely messed up half of his face. Picture day was the next week. As a child, he wanted to be a bandit, like the ones you’d see in western films, but his desire evolved over time. Being an author, he felt, was his true calling.

He became interested in the mental health field when he took an AP Psychology class in high school. Being a child who went from introvert to extrovert, Sebastian understands the social implications of both. When it comes to how he relates to others, he strives to let others see the masterpiece that they already are, by pointing out their qualities and appreciating them fully. He says that, “Oftentimes, we think fixing people is the best way to go about helping others, but it’s really helping others see the greatness that’s already in them.”

He  attends the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, where he designed his own major. It includes many of his interests which are: storytelling theory, screenwriting, video editing, entertainment law, business management, entrepreneurship, as well as child & adolescent mental health studies. He’s dubbed his major “Narrative Theory & Multidisciplinary Psychology.”

His role models are Andrew Stanton as well as Jesus Christ. He’s very interested in how the church can do a better job of loving others, no matter who they are (race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status). Something that he’d like to see more of is sacrificial, unconditional, and unending love among all walks of life.

Being that his parents are first-generation immigrants from Colombia, they’re very old fashioned and passionate about their heritage. He is sure to visit home during holidays, which works out nicely being that Colombian empanadas are his favorite.

“I perceive the world as an expression of God’s joy for humanity and creation. I perceive our human existence as a life in which we are to love well and be loved well.”