Ruth Crook

ruth-500wContributing Writer l Salt Lake City, UT

Ruth was born and raised in a little Southwest Texas town, where ranches sprawl over the scrubby desert and where an observatory sits atop a mountain. She attended Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista, VA, where she graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts, along with a variety of minors that have only expanded her quest for perspective. Being an only child meant that she learned to keep herself busy and observe very well. When she was little she had her mind set on becoming a veterinarian, but as time progressed and as her mind and world expanded that desire changed. While she still loves animals and science she has dedicated her career to the science and art of understanding our human nature.

“Getting into psychology was a natural progression, one I didn’t even realize until I was there. The more I learned about people and how they interact, the more I wanted to know. I love being able to listen to and help people, and one of the best ways I do that is through factual and fictional writing. The more perspectives people are exposed to, the more likely we are to understand and help one another.”