Michael Laster

Contributing Writer l New York, NY

Michael was born and raised in Manhattan, New York where he currently studies music and philosophy at City College. When he was younger he was extremely shy and avoidant, other than with close friends. By embarking on new situations and opportunities, over time however, his walls began to break.  As a child he felt the most qualified to mediate his parents arguments. Throwing toy dinosaurs out the window just to watch them fall was good play. Vacations with his dad in Mohonk Mountain and playing an egg shaker for his dad’s Cajun band are some of his favorite memories. Growing up meant losing his naivety and seeing the world in a different light. It was disappointing when he learned how many of his friends had neglectful parents and how many parents still hit their kids in this country. His interest in psychology was sparked when he tried to figure out which DSM label fit him best. He strived to understand why he didn’t feel like he fit in anywhere. As a life-long student of music, he hopes to put out compositions that inspire those who feel like too much of today’s music sounds the same. Musicians and artists should strive to challenge their audience in ways that still manage to keep them engaged, he adds. He loves Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, and The Beatles. In addition to his musical aspirations, he hopes to inspire others to analyze their emotions from a more objective bird’s eye view. He feels that the world could use a greater emphasis on what causes people’s actions, rather than glorifying our ignorance about what drives people. The thing that inspires him most in life is mastery at one’s craft.

“If you’re not somewhat perplexed about how to proceed, you’re not asking enough questions.”