Noelle McKenzie: A Top-Tier Personal Trainer

If you’re not a fan of using machines for working out, Noelle McKenzie may be the personal trainer for you. This fitness trainer uses unconventional methods for her devoted clients. She reminds us that “you can do an entire body workout with just your body.”

Noelle McKenzie’s career of fitness training happened by accident. Starting off as a model, she would not have predicted being a personal trainer to become her primary career. She has been on the cover of Runner’s World magazine, on Reebok, on the cover of romance novels and even on billboards in Times Square. She has also been featured in a couple of short films. She began working sporadically as a personal trainer part-time to work with her modeling and acting schedule, and within the first year of working in New York City, she built herself from the ground up as a top-tier personal trainer.

“I was with the gym for two and a half years, but I got tired of the monotony of being in the same place all of the time. I felt boxed in. I wanted to try fitness training on my own and took a leap of faith. Four of my clients at the time followed me, and within two to three years, I began fitness training full time.”

What is unique about Noelle’s company, Body by Noelle, is that she does not have a high turnover rate.

“Most personal trainers have a high turnover rate, whereas I don’t. I look for clients who want to make a lifestyle change. Many of my clients have been with me for a minimum of two years, some have been with me from five to eight.” Noelle and her husband both work as fitness trainers together, but with different clients. “We are selective in who we bring on, because we can really hone them and it can take a while before their body responds to certain things. We like to look for people who are not looking at short-term goals. We want clients who want to be motivated consistently.”

The age group she trains ranges from 25 to 45 years. She runs with some of them in the park, she does calisthenics (body work) with others, and will also do dynamic work (kettle bells, ropes, etc). Her workouts consist of less mainstream equipment and is not machine heavy. She incorporates yoga as part of a stretch routine, and accommodates techniques catered to her client’s needs. She averages about four to five sessions per day, six days a week.


“I take pride in bringing a unique approach to my training style. I do a lot of variation.”

Noelle is unique in that she consistently takes her workouts to another level. “Many clients start off feeling that their workouts are hard, and then by week five or six find it getting easier, get boring and move on to something new. With me, I am constantly taking it up another notch and throwing in new things to challenge their ability.” Noelle does a lot of isolation work, where she works on half of the body. “Many clients don’t realize that one side of their body is more dominant than the other,” she says. She works on range of motion, repetition, speed, static holds and anything that “keeps the body guessing and also keeps it fun and interesting.”

Noelle McKenzie received her degree in communications at Temple University, and is certified through ACE, with two training certifications. She is required to take a comprehensive exam every two years, and is tested over anatomy, mechanics of the body as well as over knowing the placements of muscles and bones. When asking her about her favorite thing about being a personal trainer, she told me:

“I love experiencing how strong the mind-body connection is.”

She continued, “I recognize what it takes to overcome obstacles, and push people to get past their limitations. I like to see them keep trying even if they think it is hard and think they can’t do it. It is inspiring and motivating to hear my clients’ feedback on how I’ve been able to help change their whole outlook on exercise and their bodies. To have that positive shift and be with them through different life phases, such as marriage, pregnancy and having children… I get to experience life transitions with them.”

Noelle McKenzie is in the process of expanding her business with her husband. You can find her online at

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