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How one woman went from making furniture to making bank

Ibukun Awosika had never worked in finance a day in her life but somehow managed to become a financial success. In fact, she has a degree in Chemistry and used to manufacture furniture for a living. So, how did a furniture maker land the position as first chairwoman in the history of Nigeria’s largest bank?

It all began when 25-year old Awosika resigned from her showroom manager position at Alibert Nigeria Ltd. in order to start her own furniture manufacturing company, The Chair Centre Ltd. (formerly known as Quebees Ltd.). But how? Awosika wasn’t supported by angel investors, and she wasn’t sitting on a cash payout or an inheritance. As a new entrepreneur, she was unknown and had no advantages over larger furniture manufacturers that had been in business for years. To top that, manufacturing costs kept rising higher and higher due to economic difficulties caused by years of industry mismanagement.

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Dress For The Job You Want: Why the devil is in the details

“Dress for the job you want, instead of the job you have.”

“The clothes make the man!”

We hear these and similar sentiments often, and seem to associate dressing better with doing better and achieving more in the workforce. But is there actually evidence that “dressing for success” works? How? Do certain clothes make us do better, or are we just perceived differently?

In the business world—with interviews, meetings, and presentations—appearances do often set a first impression.

We tend to consciously and unconsciously judge people based on what they look like, including what they wear. While we may be judging based mostly on [socially conditioned stereotypes], we are still making decisions toward and assumptions about people based on their outward appearance. These assumptions can be completely accurate or completely inaccurate; it’s impossible to know if we don’t look at a person’s achievements and work habits.

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Formula for Success: Myth or Reality?

The question of what allows a person to be successful is a question that has been asked of many people, who have sought the answer that would allow them a long, prosperous life. The answer is rarely simple, since what defines success is difficult to measure. Whether one talks about financial success or popularity or perhaps some other goal they seek to achieve, how one would be able to attain this goal would probably be the underlying definition of what it means to be successful. What creates a successful person? Their innate personality or their environment? To answer that question, one has to look at another old question, often asked in psychology:

Nature or nurture?

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